Ramparts and Forest walk

Ramparts Walk and Littlewood Forest Walk

The Ramparts Walk, which is accessible from Slane Bridge, follows the towpath of the Boyne Navigation along the banks of the Ramparts walk Slane River Boynebeautiful Boyne River. This is a favourite route of local walking group, the Slane Striders, and is popular with other visitors, too.  Note: One kilometer past Slane Castle the pathway enters private land and terrain can be difficult at times.  The walk continues from Stackallen, just 10 minutes outside Slane village, and goes along the river as far as Navan. Look out for information on the area and wildlife along the way.

Littlewood Walk Coillte SlaneLittlewood Forest Walk is located on the N2 Collon Road, just one mile north of Slane village. The 2km trail is used extensively by locals and visitors all year round, and is a favourite with walkers and joggers. Covering 70 acres of forest it comprises of a varied mix of conifers and broad leaved tree species. With directional posts, information on flora and fauna and numbered spots it creates a fun and interesting 30-minute walk.

Feel free to join our local walking group Slane Striders for a stroll – they meet every Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.  Visit the Hub for more information or download information about the available walks below.

Hill of Slane Family Walk                    Littlewood Walk

Morgans Lock Walk                                Ramparts Walk

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